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Synapses definition

syn·apse (sin'aps', si-naps') - n.
The junction across which a nerve impulse passes from an axon terminal to a neuron, muscle cell, or gland cell.

Do you know that...
In our brain, new synapses are created throughout the whole life. The most actived ones will be reinforced, some new synapses will even appear depending on brain stimulation but the less stimulated ones will be weakened. The absence of synaptic stimulation may even accelerate the death of the neurons in contact with these synapses... Thus, don't forget to activate your synapses :-)

SynapsesQuali ?

We found the analogy with the synapses and the required stimulation quite interesting if we applied it to brands and their relationship with customers...
SynapsesQuali stands for :

  • Understanding and supporting brands in the connection with customers
  • Connecting profiles of customers
  • Connecting experts in different areas
  • Connecting disciplines
  • Connecting technologies and qualitative approaches (market research, innovation processes, empowerment of customers, marketing/sales consultancy)
  • In-depth and authentic interaction with respondents